Jewellery is one of the most expressive forms of accessories out there. However, when jewellery making is combined with polymer clay, the possibilities for creative self-expression remain unmatched.

Polymer clay is a versatile art medium that can be used to create a wide range of objects. Jewellery is no exception to this range – and, luckily, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to polymer clay jewellery. However, if you are a beginner and wondering what tools are needed to start making polymer clay jewellery, we’re here to help provide the answers you need!

If you would like to learn more about the tools needed for making polymer clay jewellery and what their purpose is, feel free to continue reading below as we explore this topic in more detail.

What Tools  Needed Make Polymer Clay Jewellery

Basic Polymer Clay Tools for Polymer Clay Jewellery

When it comes to making polymer clay jewellery, it is important that you have at least these basic tools at your disposal. That’s why we have compiled this helpful list of basic tools you should put together when embarking on the exciting art form of making polymer clay jewellery:

Craft knives. Craft knives are used to cut the clay into shapes, segments, and pieces. They will be a very valuable part of your toolset. Some also use a single sided razor blade for cutting random shapes.

Acrylic rolling pins. Acrylic rolling pins are by far the best way to condition polymer clay. They are also used to roll a sheet of polymer clay into an even thickness. You can use it for rolling a slab base and sheets from which you can then cut shapes using craft knives or shape cutters. Make sure that your rolling pins are acrylic and not plastic or wood since clay can stick to plastic and wood. Tip: Keep the acrylic rod or roller clean by wiping often with a paper towel. This stops the clay from sticking to it.

Needles. Sewing needles serve as a staple in your craft inventory. They can be used to pick up cut shapes and create holes, stipples, scratches, or any other texture of your desired choice. If you don’t have needles, you can substitute them for toothpicks, both of which are relatively inexpensive.

Ball stylus. Ball styluses can be used to create holes or indentations when it comes to making interesting textures in your jewellery. You can also use this tool to paint dots on your jewellery.

Wire cutters and pliers. Wire cutters and pliers aren’t exactly used for polymer clay but they are useful for making and adding findings for your polymer clay jewellery.

Metal knitting needles. Metal knitting needles are especially useful if you need something to make holes in beads. You can use the knitting needle to simply pierce a polymer clay ball and gently skewer it. They are also used to roll the surface of pieces to smooth joins, remove fingerprints and dents from raw clay.

What Tools  Needed Make Polymer Clay Jewellery

Polymer Clay or Tissue Blades. Long thin flexible or rigid blades, that are essential for slicing a piece of clay off a block of clay to condition it with an acrylic roller. They can also be curved to cut rounded shapes from clay. Not only can they slice canes of polymer clay, but can also be used to cut straight sided clay tiles.

Shape Cutters. Not entirely essential, as shapes can be cut using a craft knife and home made templates. It is of course, much easier to use cookie cutters or purpose made polymer clay shape cutters.

Clay Extruder. This is not essential and might seem like a more advanced tool, but if you want a tool that can push out shapes or long strings of clay then a clay extruder is the way to go.


Making and wearing jewellery out of polymer clay is a fun way to truly express who you are and to express what your personality is about. In order to make the most out of your polymer clay jewellery experience, it is important to have all the basic tools prepared to eliminate any restrictions to your creative expression.

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