Step 1: Condition some black clay. Roll some on the thickest setting of the pasta machine and texture with a texture sponge or similar – set aside. Roll some on the second thickest setting of the pasta machine.

condition black clay


Step 2: Have on hand 3 or 4 colours of mica powder and glitter and a paint brush.

3 colours of mica powder


Step 3: Dip your brush into the mica powder and “tap” gently on a knitting needle or similar. Continue to do this until you’re happy with your finished sheet.

mica powder brush  spattered mica powder on black clay


Step 4: Place some Multix-bake paper very gently over the top of your mica powdered clay and roll with an acrylic rod or brayer to seal the powder into the clay.

polymer clay roller


Step 5: Take another piece of conditioned black clay run through the second thickest setting on the pasta machine and brush mica powder on the entire sheet. Smooth over with your fingers.

mica blue powder brush on clay  finger rubbing mica poweder into clay


Step 6: Cut a straight edge on both mica powdered sheets and position together. Place a piece of multix-bake paper on top and gently smooth over the join.

pressing baking paper onto clay


Step 7: Release this from your work surface very carefully with your tissue blade. Try not to touch the surface of your clay directly as this will smudge those mica powders.

step 7


Step 8: Position your mica powdered clay ontop of your black clay set aside from step 1. Place some multix-bake paper on top and smooth over with your fingers to join the two.

step 8


Step 9: Position a shape cutter on top of your clay and press firly to cut through.

step 9


Step 10: Cut the top section off and set aside.

step 10


Step 11: Create a bail (following the instructions from Textured Mica Powder Pendant) and bake at the recommended temperature.

step 11 Spattered Mica Powder Pendant


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