Step 1: Condition some black clay and run through the pasta machine on the second or third thickest setting. Cut some foiled paper and your clay to roughly the same size.



Step 2: Place your foil paper on top of the black clay – colour side up. Now place some multix-bake paper on top on smooth all down gently.



Step 3: Burnish over the top of the clay with a credit card – just flicking back and forth.



Step 4: Check to see if the foil has adhered to the clay. If it hasn’t continue burnishing with the credit card.



Step 5: Rip the paper from the clay in one swift motion – like ripping a bandaid.



Step 6: Cut out somecircle shapes with a small circle cutter – mine is 1cm diameter.



Step 7: Create 3 black beads the same size and create a thread hole with a skewer. Create a thread hole in the foiled disc also and place these on the bead matching up the thread holes. Press down gently to adhere to the bead.



Step 8: Note the red foil bead cap was textured after the circle was cut out. This creates a whole different effect.

Polymer Clay Foiled Bead Caps



3 thoughts on “Foiled Bead Caps by Debbie Crothers

    • Suzanne says:

      Hi Fran

      The red foil is from the Lisa Pavelka range. Texturing is done with a texture sponge or you can use very coarse sandpaper. We have both the foils and the sponges on our website.

      Kind regards

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