The Tavoos ™ (or in English… the peacock) is quite a notable beauty as is its namesake TAVOOS™ (the art material)!

Tavoos ™ gets its beauty from nano-layers that capture and manipulate light reflecting it back to the viewer in an array of dazzling colors, creating an artistic spectacle previously unknown to the art materials world!

We have this amazing new product in store now!

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Tavoos ™ is a wonderful new art material that behaves differently depending on the background colours. It has magnificent patterns in reflection and transmission when the light shines on it.  Light reflection dances and the colours change when you bend and play with the film.  For these reasons, it is very difficult to capture the beauty of Tavoos™ and depict the colours photographically.  You just have to take our word for it – TAVOOS™ is gorgeous!

It is available in both thick and thin sheets, in solid colours and also in multi colour sheets either striped or gradient.   Play around, experiment and GET CREATIVE!

  • Try it over different backgrounds, ie textured, stamped, skinner blends, stripes etc.
  • The thin Tavoos sheets appear similar to the Mylar sheets we carry but Tavoos is a little thicker than Mylar and has different reflective qualities.
  • Stamp on it, use heat set embossing powders, (not too hot though). 
  • Edge it with Glue Foil.
  • Bend it, layer it with other materials. 
  • Make fairy wings.
  • Faux lead light or windows for fairy doors.
  • Mosaic.
  • Embellish cards and scrap book projects.

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