Stamped Stazon Components Polymer Clay Beginners Tutorial by Debbie Crothers is a great project to get you started working with Polymer Clay or even for the more experienced polymer clayer.

Step 1: Condition some clay and roll out on the thickest setting of the pasta machine. Stack 3 high. Cut a circle of clay 3cm in diameter. Use a small oval cutter to cut out a piece from the inside of this circle. Flatten one edge of your circle so it can run through the pasta machine easier.



Step 2: Make sure your pasta machine is on the thickest setting and run your circle of clay through pushing a little as you go. Gather some texture tools and create surface texture on your component.



Step 3: Bake at the recommended temperature and let cool. Choose your StazOn stamp pad colour.



Step 4: Dab this gently onto the surface of your component until you’re happy with the look.



Step 5: Also dab gently on the back on the piece and a little bit around the edges if you like.



Here are some other ideas for you to try

Why not simply create white components and dab either side with the stamp pad. It creates a beautiful texture. Great little pieces for earrings.



Try creating different sized components. Coat with white oil paint after baking and wipe clean then dab with the stamp pad. This creates a really interesting finish.



Add some foils to your clay prior to rolling through the pasta machine and highlight with your StazOn stamp pad after baking.




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