S15-XL Sakura – The Rainbow Silk Screen

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The Rainbow Silk Screens are exceptionally good quality, designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by Michaela Peckova. The Screens in this range of designs are perfect for polymer clay, paper, porcelain, wood and much more…..Using Two Part Silk Screens

The Rainbow Silk Screens feature dual screens OR larger design AND some have registration marks for overlaying to enable printing features in another colour.

This screen features 2 different sized images with overlay screen to add a second colour.

SIZE XL: Approx. 19.5mm x 14mm (7 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches)

Comes with downloadable technique tutorial for using two part silk screens! 

After paying for this screen you will be emailed a link to download USING TWO PART SILK SCREENS TUTORIAL by Michaela Pecková – yet another technique for easily and accurately adding additional colours to polymer clay screen prints.

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