Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Pack, Acrylic Paint – 9 metallics and pearlescent colours

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This range of acrylic paints is simply stunning! The palette is a lavish assortment of metallic or pearlescent colours.  They brush on like butter, slightly level once they are down, but they are designed not to spread.  This allows for smooth application to soft or flexible surfaces like fabrics, styrofoam etc.  This paint remains flexible and soft making it an obvious choice for using on polymer clay.  They are truly opaque and bright, even on dark backgrounds and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage.  Can be airbrushed (add 25% water), painted with a brush or squeegeed through a silk screen.  The hi-lite colours in the range are designed for use on dark surfaces.

Jacquard Acrylic Paints are designed for use on fabric and set by ironing. They work very well on unbaked polymer clay as the heat during baking sets them very hard.  No real need for sealing and they can even be buffed lightly after final baking or curing.

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