Kor Tools Acrylic Pattern Rollers – Fleur-de-lis

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Kor Tools Acrylic Pattern Rollers in a range of unique designs that produce very deep and detailed continuous patterns. Perfect for use with Polymer clay and other types of modelling clays.
They create repeatable texture on your polymer so you can enhance the design with your contemporary polymer clay earrings. A repeatable pattern allows for collections in different colors but continuity of design.
The Kor Tools Acrylic Pattern Rollers are easy to use.  If you find the clay sticks then lightly spray the clay with water before applying the pattern with the roller.  The pattern is applied by a continuous rolling motion using your fingers and palm, allowing you to make long patterns with no joins. It is also helpful to lightly rub your clay to adhere it to a tile rather than working on a surface that can lift.
For best results use with the Kor Tools Roller Board

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