Efcolor Low Temp Enamel Mediterranean Set

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Efcolor Low Temp Enamel Powder is an exciting medium manufactured from materials that is polymer clay compatible. Create beautiful enamel effects at home! No expensive kiln required.
Fuses to a super hard permanent enamel finish using a domestic oven, a heat gun or an Efco Enamel Stove. Use on polymer clay, metal blanks, or anything that withstands the fusing temperature.

Comes with a inspirations/tutorial sheet to get you started.

Colours included are:

  • Turquoise
  • Dark Blue
  • Cognac
  • White, and
  • 4 canister sieves.

For best results its recommended to use with the small sieve. This enables a consistent even coverage with control.

Each canister contains 10ml of powder.

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