Baroque Art Gilders Paste Wax Coral Red 30ml

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Baroque Art Gilders Paste can be used to add non-fading colour or a gilded finish to a range of materials including polymer clay. Touch dry in 10 – 15min. Covers approx. 30

“Gilders Paste is a wax as you know and all waxes shrink to some degree. Gilders Paste Wax is formulated to be a firm wax that becomes a dry, hard, durable and tack free wax base finish that also can be rejuvenated over and over again. Simply add a few drops of paint thinner, turpentine or mineral spirits. The term “Turps” may ring a bell with you, use whatever you call the solvent to thin out paint. The least expensive solvent is fine. Add a few drops and mix or knife it in by scraping and adding paste to the solvent and mixing together. Continue to add thinner and paste until you get the consistence and quantity you need. There is no reason to mix up the whole tin. Gilders Paste Wax goes a long way as you know and leaving some of the firm wax in the tin allows you to use dry brush techniques with complete control of application and color as well as the reconstituted mix for other applications.”

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