Cernit Polymer Clay is a high quality professional, oven hardening clay. Produced in Belgium, Cernit is suitable for children right through to professional artists. Takes little to condition, is odourless and cures to a very strong, flexible finish that sands and buffs beautifully.

The Cernit range:

  • Cernit Glamour: Richly coloured with subtle shimmer of pearlescent / metyallic mica. 56g blocks.
  • Cernit Metallic: Beautiful shiny metallic colours in 56g blocks.
  • Cernit Number One: Large range of colours, sands and polishes to a beautiful shine.  56, 250 or 500g blocks.
  • Cernit Translucent: Transparent colours and glow the dark clay. Has a reputation as one of the most translucent polymer clays 56g, 250g or 500g blocks
  • Cernit Neon: The most neon of all polymer clays, 56g blocks.
  • Cernit Nature: A stone effect clay in beautiful earthy colours. 56g blocks
  • Cernit Shiny: The Shiny range has finer metallic glitter than the Glamour range. 56g blocks.
  • Cernit Doll: Has a skin-like effect (slightly transparent) and one translucent flesh colour with a porcelain finish .  500g blocks.
  • Cernit Soft Mix: is a clay softener that does not change the colour of the clay. Miix up to a third of softener to 2/3rd of Cernit Polymer Clay to increase the plasticity and make the clay easier to work with.