Sculpey polymer clay is a premium clay that comes in different formulas making it ideal for any skill level. It ranges a variety of clays to cover all DIY needs from jewellery making, home décor, sculpting, mixed media and more…

The Sculpey range:

  • Sculpey Premo: Large range of opaque colours and special effects. Easy to condition, blends easily and firm enough to hold fine detail for specialized techniques. 56, 227 or 454g blocks.
  • Sculpey Souffle: An innovative lightweight clay, for jewellery making & home decor with a suede like texture. 56g, 227g blocks
  • Sculpey III: A soft clay suitable for young hands. Ideal for parent/child projects but not a strong clay Can be brittle after curing. Multi Packs and 56g blocks.
  • Super Sculpey: Made with polymer clay sculpting in mind. Comes in varying firmness levels to accommodate different types of sculpting. Available is in a variety of colours and slightly transparent to appear more skin tone realistic. 454g blocks.
  • Ultralight: Lightweight, extremely soft and cures hard. It won’t crack or break, even in larger pieces. Can be rolled thin, making it is ideal for mixed media and paper crafts. Its a soft lightweight super pliable polymer clay with a variety of different uses. 227g blocks.