Pardo Polymer Clay is a Professional clay produced by Viva Decor in Germany. Easy to handle, firm enough to cane well, rolls out easily with an acrylic roller or in the pasta machine and slices well without getting sticky. Pardo translucent has the reputation for being the clearest of all the polymer clay brands.Colours are formulated to easily mix with one another, while maintaining their original sharp colour shade with no visual smearing or bleeding. Pardo is non toxic, phthalate free and contains natural beeswax and premium quality pigments. It is condensation resistant and bakes / cures with no odour.

There are 5 different styles of Pardo Polymer Clay:

Pardo Professional Art Clay is very stable which makes it particularly suitable for delicate work. It is firm enough to maintain fine hard edges after shapes have been cut and when cut shapes are moved. Contains 14 colours and 1 transparent (reputed to be the most transparent polymer clay on the market).

Pardo Jewellery Clay is smooth and easy to handle, with a fine pearly lustre. The range contains 39 colours in the spectrum of precious stone colours, glitter effects, neon and transparent colours.

Pardo Metallic Jewellery Clay in 8 metallic colours.

Pardo Professional Mica Clay is especially suitable for 3-dimensional effects made using the mica-shift technique. 5 mica rich colours available.

Pardo Translucent Clay – Gorgeous pastel colored translucent effects with a light, translucent appearance. 8 shades available. Note: not to be confused with the transparent clay from the Art Clay range.