Can you work without Liquid Polymer Clay & Softeners?

Liquid Polymer Clay & Softeners category features:

  • Liquid polymer clay, including translucent and opaque, in clear and colours. Essential for creating baked clay to baked or raw clay connections. Recommended for adhering raw to raw clay. Also used to soften hard clay and to rescue crumbly clay. Use as a shiny or protective glaze, bake in a mould, use for pouring techniques and mix with mica powders for special effects.
  • Polymer Clay Glues (a thicker version of liquid clay). Used to adhere to polymer clay surfaces.
  • Poly paste. A thick paste consistency polymer clay glue. Perfect when you don’t want runs and dribbles or when applying to a vertical surface.
  • Clay Softeners. Come in a liquid form (also known as diluent). Or, in clay form, (also known as Quick Mix or Soft Mix). Most brands specific products that bake or cure at the same temperature as their clay. Use either diluent or quick mix to soften hard or crumbly clay. You can also make polymer clay paint by adding diluent to clay to get a paint consistency.  Add a small amount at a time when using both products. A little goes a long way.
  • Repel Gel is an amazing product. While it has a watery consistency, once dried on a sheet of clay, roll thinner to obtain a crackle effect. It acts as a resist agent, repelling some colouring agents. Apply to clay surfaces where you don’t want them to adhere during baking or curing.