Kato Polyclay was designed by polymer artists Donna Kato, to the highest standards. It is the highest in strength of all the polymer clay’s with virtually no colour shift once cured. Objects made with Kato polymer clay become permanent works of art that will resist breaking and wear over time. Versatile and with a smooth texture that holds its shape well in the raw state.  This feature allows for detailed results with all types of work including figures, caning, jewellery, home décor, and model making. All colours in the line may be inter-mixed to produce any colour or effect imaginable. It is the first polymer clay created by an artist for artists.

Kato Polyclay is a firmer clay and cannot be conditioned by rolling in your hands. Kato Polyclay is a beautiful polymer clay and is but is recommended it be sliced from the block and rolled with an acrylic roller before putting through a pasta machine.