FIMO Professional modelling clay based on a true colours system. Fimo Professional is ideal for colour mixing, offering the polymer artist a firm workable clay that does not get sticky and has minimal smell. It’s easy to achieve thin layers without tearing. While sharp clean lines make it great for caning. Also perfect for the sculptor seeking strong workable polymer clay.

Compared to other types of Fimo, Fimo professional has a much firmer consistency. Therefore, making it even easier to create intricate items by hand. In addition the oven-hardening modelling clay also meets the highest requirements of professional polymer artists. It enables you to create highly detailed results and is therefore the ideal material for making jewellery, dolls and much more.

The product has a much firmer consistency compared to its’ cousin clays, Fimo soft or Fimo Effects. Skilled designers will also benefit from the being able to create dimensionally stable but intricate items and sculptures. In addition to its excellent dimensional stability,Fimo Professional is also extremely pliable making it a lot easier to work with.

Thanks to the pure pigments of “True Colours”, you can use the Fimo colour mixing system to blend a variety of new shades. Since pure colour pigment is used to produce each of the colours in the Fimo professional “True Colours” series, you can enjoy brilliant blending results that you can recreate time and time again.

Suitable for:

  • Adults,
  • advanced users,
  • amateur artists,
  • professionals

Tip: When working with firmer types of Fimo, use Fimo mix quick clay softener. Simply knead it into the firm Fimo clay. This will then help soften the clay as you knead it.