Like all Cernit Polymer Clays, the Metallic range is a professional grade clay. Soft and easy to use from the package but very strong when baked. Metallic is the perfect choice for Skinner Blend and Mica Shift techniques or those seeking a highly metallic mica laden polymer clay. Bake / cure for 30 minutes at 110-130°C (230-266°F) in a preheated oven.


Roll sheets repeatedly in the same direction to align the mica particles in the clay to enhance the shiny metallic look even further.
Mix with other clays in the Cernit range to create beautiful metallic blends.

Video – Review and tutorials using Cernit Metallics by Ana Belchi. Learn how to make Metallic sample chips and beautiful Mica Shift & Mokume Gane techniques using this amazing new clay!