Cernit Doll Polymer Clay is a favourite with doll makers for its following superior features: semi-translucent with a porcelain finish and translucent flesh colours to perfectly imitate skin. Mix the Cernit, Doll colours to create the exact shade you want. Although you can, there is no need to sand dolls made with Cernit Doll Polymer Clay! The rough appearance of the clay makes for a realistic skin look. Paint details with Darwi acrylic paints, or create a “blush” effect on cheeks using a very small amount of Cernit Sparkling mica powders… Once the doll is created, add details with Cernit Number One, Cernit Glamour etc.

Cernit polymer clays are all intermixable and bake or cure at 110-130 ° C, for 30 minutes. Bake or cure multiple times to add additional detail in stages. 500g packages only.