We have all the all the well known brands of polymer clay and their associated liquid polymer clay and softening products including Pardo, Cernit, Kato, Sculpey Premo, Souffle, Fimo Soft & Effects by Staedtler, Super Sculpey, Living Doll,  Cernit Doll Clay and Fimo Professional.

Liquid polymer clay including translucent and opaque, in clear and colours. Essential for creating baked clay to baked or raw clay connections.

Polymer Clay Glues (a thicker version of liquid clay). Used to adhere to polymer clay surfaces. Usually raw to baked connection but also helpful with raw to raw connections

Poly paste is a thick paste consistency polymer clay glue. Perfect when you don’t want runs and dribbles or when applying to a vertical surface.

Clay Softeners come in a liquid form (also known as diluent). Or, in clay form, (also known as Quick Mix or Soft Mix).

Repel Gel is an amazing product. While it has a watery consistency, once dried on a sheet of clay, roll thinner to obtain a crackle effect. It acts as a resist agent, repelling some colouring agents. Apply to clay surfaces where you don’t want them to adhere during baking or curing.

Polymer clay is a versatile medium used by hobbyists and professionals alike. Available in many colours and effects it is up to your own imagination as to what you can create. The polymer clay effects ranges from glitter inclusions, stone effects, highly mica laiden sparkle, opaque, translucent perfect for stained glass effects, and porcelain finishes. There is many to explore for different uses. Sculpey III is not recommended for jewellery as it cures quite brittle but all other brands are suitable. Sculpture, mini figurines and charms can all be achieved with all the above mentioned brands of polymer clay. Sculpey III is suitable for small charms and embellishing polymer clay slabs for jewellery. Detailed imagery canes can be created with Kato Polyclay with great success. The doll Range by Cernit, Fimo and Sculpey are brilliant for Ooak Doll sculpting and creating a base for other larger sculptures.

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