Stamps, Tiles, Plates, Sheets & Rollers are all terms used to describe an accessory used to apply a texture to polymer clay. 2wards Polymer Clay have a large selection chosen for their ability to be used with polymer clay.  However, they can also be used with many other materials.  A stamp is a stamp but it is also a tool to add texture or for mokume gane, hidden magic, sutton slice & mica shift techniques.

Try texturing some clay and using a finger tip or sponge, apply Pearl Ex Mica powder or Cernit Sparkling to the raised areas of the pattern.  Cut and use.  Or, another variation is to apply a second layer of Pearl Ex over the Cernit Sparkling using a paint brush. The first layer will retain it’s original colour while the second layer adds a background.

There is lots of fun to be had with textures. Easy, quick, impressive results are a winner!