Using Stencils is a fun way to make wonderful patterns on polymer clay, paper, wood, etc using a variety of media including foils, leafing, paint, pastels, powders & more. What can be achieved is limited only by your own imagination!

While the effect is similar to silk screening, stencils have open cut designs allowing the user to apply a wider range of media. The media does not have to go through a fine thread count on silk so leafing, foils, embossing powders and waxes can easily be applied.

The Lucy Clay range come with a PDF download packed full of ideas and different ways to get new and unusual effects using them with acrylic paints. Once you start it is hard to stop the stenciling fun!  Scroll down in the LC Stencils products to see Lucy Struncova demonstrating how easy they are to use and how gorgeous they can look in the different colours.