Rainbow Silk Screens are original hand-crafted designs by talented artist, Michaela Peckova from the Czech Repubic. Michaela’s silk screens are “prepared with love and incredible precision”. Multi colour screening is a feature of this unique range. These Rainbow silkscreens bring playfulness to polymer clay and open the door to fantastic creations.

Silk screens are very simple to use. Absolute beginners will easily produce amazing results. Experienced artists will find a wide range of design combinations and opportunities for color to challenge their creativity and produce original works of art. The art of silk screening is most useful to those making multiples of the same item as they are quick to produce and the same result easy to achieve.

A feature of the Rainbow silk screen range not seen elsewhere (to date) is the ability to layer colours with registration marks to aid the user and the inclusion of” foils” for applying more than 1 colour in some of the designs.

The rainbow silkscreens are incredibly strong and excellent quality.