MOIKO Silk Screens are superior quality, designed and manufactured in Poland by the very talented Malgorzata Wawrzynczak . A glorious array of designs perfect for use on polymer clay, paper, porcelain, wood and much more….

As a result of customer requests, we carry another 2 mesh sizes. Chalks and Coarse Mesh. These are identified on the website with a pink bubble.

CHALKS – The lowest thread count, which means a coarser more open mesh. Use Chalks silk screens with chalk pastels, pigments, powders, pottery glazes and other media that may clock the fine mesh.  Burnish on raw clay for a very nice fabric texture.

COARSE MESH – Not quite as open or coarse as the Chalks range.  Use for PanPastels, Pearl Ex and Sparkling Mica Powders and thick bodied paints.

MOIKO silkscreens are extremely popular and have a very large range including bangle size.  There is sure to be a design to please in the wide variety available.

A downloadable project / tutorial sheet comes with some screens purchased from the MOIKO range and each screen includes user instructions.

Silk screening is very popular because it is so easy to get great results very quickly.  A variety of media may be used – including, chalks, pigments, liquid clay, inks, paints and embossing powders. Try mixing media where painted, inked and other coloured back grounds are screened over. Use one or more screens to great effect.

Be sure to clean the screens gently after each use and they will last a long time. Do not leave them sitting with media in the screen. Be sure to drop them straight into warm water with a drop of detergent. A flat sponge is helpful for cleaning. The screens should be rinsed and dried thoroughly before reusing. Lay flat on an absorbent surface to dry.