Helen Breil & Pixie Art Silk Screens – Silk screening is an age old technique that has been adapted for use by polymer clay artisans using a variety of media to easily achieve stunning results.  Beginners to experienced will appreciate the opportunities for creating beautiful pieces with silk screening.

Helen Breil & Pixie Art Silk Screens are a quality range of screens designed and manufactured in Canada by Helen Breil and her husband Mike.  The silk screens measure 5″ X 3.75″ (13 cm  x 9.5 cm).  Each design features many pattern-capture possibilities including screening on either side for creating mirror images. The scale of the designs are perfect for jewellery but can easily be applied for other purposes.  Users are free to sell work created using these designs.

Can be combined with textures for even more adventurous designing. Simply wait until the paint is thoroughly dry and then apply a texture, taking care not to stretch the design. Unless of course you intentionally wish to stretch the clay and create a crackled effect with your silk screened design!

Come with instructions and there is access to online video demonstrations in their use by Helen Breil.

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