Darwi Glass is an alcohol based luminous and very glossy varnish. It can be used on glass, polymer clay, plastics, wood, plaster, polystyrene and smooth metal surfaces. After 24 hours of drying, the paint will be completely resistant to damage or UV light with a beautiful glass like shine. Darwi Glass Paints can also be used to tint resins such as the Cernit Finish Glass Kit – Resin. and when mixed with thinners, may be used as an alcohol ink.

  • Comes in 9 transparent colours, opaque white and black.  Mix transparent colours with opaque white to create pastel and opaque shades.
  • Glass Medium is a a clear version of the glass paint that is used to reduce the intensity of colours without changing the tone or the consistency for a thick layer application. The medium will give a lighter tone than using a pure colour. It can also be used as a varnish for a brilliant shiny finish.
  • Glass Contour is available by the tube in 4 different colours and used to create faux stained glass or as an outliner to delimit the edges of a drawing.
  • The diluent, Darwi Thinners is added to change the consistency of Darwi Glass to make colors more liquid and fluid. Darwi Glass paints can then be used as an alcohol ink.
  • Clean equipment with alcohol, ethanol or methanol.