Cernit Sparkling has 4 beautiful ranges to choose from:

SPARKLING METALLIC – microscopic mica particles which create a unique glimmering metallic effect, perfect for jewellery creations! Available in gold, silver, copper, bronze and red.

SPARKLING INTERFERENCE – pearlescent effects show up best on dark colours and although still beautiful, more subtle effects are shown on light colours. Available in gold, blue, red, green and purple.

DIAMOND – super fine glass powders give extremely brilliant glittery effects. Available in gold, silver, red, purple and blue.

DUOS – two tone colours change shade depending on the viewing angle and light direction. Best on dark clays, the lighter the color of the clay, the more subtle the effect of these powders will be.The effect is sublime! Available in the following colours:

  • Lapis Sunlight : Blue / Green reflection
  • Tropical Sunrise : Green / Yellow – Purple pink reflection
  • Arctic Fire : Silver / Pink reflection
  • Pacific Lagoon : Purple blue / Turquoise blue reflection
  • Viola Fantasy : Purple / Green reflection

How to use the Cernit Sparkling:

The effect of these powders is remarkable on smooth clay but even more so when used on textured clay.

  • Apply to raw clay with the tip of a finger, applicator or brush. During baking / curing, the powder will adhere and be fixed to the clay; or
  • After baking / curing, varnish with Cernit Gloss Varnish to give it a beautiful shine or Cernit Matte Varnish for a satin effect; or
  • Applied to baked / cured cool clay, with a fingertip or brush. It is then necessary to apply a varnish, sealant or liquid clay to affix the powder to the clay; or
  • Mix with varnish or a medium such as liquid clay, apply with a brush and bake as per instructions for the varnish or medium used; or
  • Mix into polymer clay for a sparkling effect.

Note: Cernit Sparkling is not to be used in food or as a cosmetic.