Books & Magazines, carefully selected for our discerning customers.  Buy books and magazines for every skill level. Not touched polymer clay before? Many of the books contain basic instructions for conditioning, rolling, baking and generally getting started.

Hobbyist , polymer clay maker or enthusiast?  All of the books and magazines in our great selection will be of interest to you.

More experienced, artists, makers and those seeking inspiration? Browse beautiful coffee table books, written and compiled by other artists!

Is resin your thing!  Look no further, we have books and publications for you too!

Caner, sculptor, or colour mixer? Look no further! Because we have your interests  covered too!

Magazines like Polymer Week and Polymer Studio are quarterly publications. Many love to collect these for reading from time to time.  It is amazing what you find as your interest changes. Previously passed over articles jump out at you!  There are a limited number of Polymer Arts magazines.  Also a quarterly magazine but no longer produced. They are still current in the contents and continue to be purchased by many collectors.

Whatever your polymer passion is, you’ll find it here!