Bargain Bin is where we drop products to sell at a reduced price.  There are many reasons why they have undergone a price reduction.  Be assured everything in the Bargain Bin is quite OK!

Promotions are listed here too!

Sometimes, we receive products that may be slightly damaged or do not quite reach our level of quality control.  They are still quite usable and any issue will be explained in the description.  They are still fine to use or we would not sell them

Another reason – if we find we have too many in the warehouse. We want to make room for something else that is coming.

It may be a line that is no longer in production or we cannot source it. Or it could be that we are coming to the end of the products on the shelf and are not stocking it again.  In other words “a run out” line.  We do like to change what we carry from time to time. This keeps our shop interesting and our customers coming back again and again to see what’s new!

Everyone loves a bargain! You never know what you will find in our Bargain Bin!