Poly-Fast are back in store with finer grade sandpapers and additional heads available!  What is Poly-Fast you ask?  It’s a nifty little battery operated, lightweight tool, designed specifically for wet and dry sanding of polymer clay.  Although it can of course be used for sanding other materials like resin, porcelain, stone, concrete, wood, copper, brass etc. Poly-Fast comes with 80 sandpaper disks in a variety of grades from 80 to 1500 grit that attach using Velcro. Replacement disks can be purchased separately.

While the Poly-Fast works on a vibratory system, there is no transfer of this to your hands due to the very clever shock absorbing system.  The head does not spin but vibrates, removing the risk of beads flying around your work space.  Check out Poly-Fast in store.


Poly-Fast Sanding Kit


6 thoughts on “Poly-Fast Sanding Tools

  1. patti says:

    i’m keen to buy one of these, but i’m leaving for japan in a week and a half and i don’t want to miss it when it arrives (i live in queensland). will you still have stock if i leave ordering it until i come home later in november?

    • Susannah Ward says:

      Hi Patti

      We will have these in stock when you arrive back from you trip in November. We hope you have a lovely trip and we look forward to hearing from you when you arrive back. Safe travels 🙂

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