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Pendant and Pins by Suzanne Ward using Kor Tools Acrylic Pattern Rollers

Kor Tools Acrylic Rollers are designed for use with polymer and precious metal clay’s. They are easy to use rollers made of hard opaque acrylic that has been machined with intricate designs to produce beautiful, concise, clear impressions.NEW IN STORE - Kor Tools.4NEW IN STORE - Kor Tools.2.b

Kor Tools Acrylic Pattern Rollers were created by Master Potter, Rick McKinney. After years of creating tools for potters, Rick realized many of his designs could also be applied to the Precious Metal & Polymer Clay market. Rick then worked with manufacturers to develop and create tools for jewellery artists that make beautiful impressions in precious metal and polymer clays.

Kor Tools Acrylic Pattern Rollers are easy to use.  If you find the clay sticks then lightly mist the clay with water before applying the pattern with the roller.  The pattern is applied by a continuous rolling motion using something solid like a block of wood, small box or wooden stamp back that fits in your hand, allowing you to roll it to make long patterns with no joins.

A few tips that may help you get better results:

  • They are 5cm or 7cm in width so unless you want a repetitive pattern, roll onto strips of clay that are 6 – 7cm wide for the 5cm rollers and 8 – 9cm wide for the 7cm rollers. It can be as long as you like as you just keep rolling along!
  • Use on thicker clay (even 2 layers laminated together) as it rolls the clay thinner as you press to get a deep impression.
  • Mica Powder and Pigments work well with the Kor Tools patterns.  Lightly apply with a flat finger to the raised portions of the pattern.  You can leave as is or apply a second colour with a brush to the background. The second colour won’t stick to the first colour but you may need to freshen it up a little.  Don’t forget to apply a sealant after baking to prevent the powder from rubbing off.
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                  Pendants by Heather Moore


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