New in store – the latest version of the very popular LC Tools Slicer!

If you make polymer clay canes or mokume gane slabs, it is not easy to cut the perfect thin slices required to make your canes and slabs go a long way and keep their shape when placed onto the backing clay.  Look no further!  This tool is what you need to cut super thin, precise and consistent sized slices!

Also works a treat to cut your own unique beads from lengths of extruded clay shapes.  Slice and slip onto a bead pin to cure.

If you want to add another dimension to slicing – try slicing canes on an angle.  Easy if you have the Angle Base attachment for the slicer. This handy accessory allows you to present the cane to the blade at an angle. Plus it doubles as a base to put behind canes and slabs on the slicer to enable you to slice right to the very last. This item is available for separate purchase and does not come packaged with the slicer.  But you will get with the slicer, the special high grade lubricant to keep it working optimally.

The LC Tools Slicer is now only available in the classy Chrome version.

To coin an Aussie phrase – “It’s the best thing since sliced bread!”


LC Tools Slicer



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