Polymer clay is a versatile creative medium that can produce a myriad of objects, from colourful, bold jewellery to eye-catching, unique home decor. However, you might be wondering: can polymer clay be turned into a candle holder, and will it be safe to do so?

Spoiler alert: yes! It is safe to make a candle holder out of polymer clay. However, this depends on the way the polymer clay is crafted, as there are specific ways you should mould it so that it acts as a safe candle holder.

If you want to learn more about how to make a safe candle holder out of polymer clay, feel free to learn more about this by reading below. 

Making Candle Holders Out Of Polymer Clay

Making a candle holder out of polymer clay is safe depending on how you craft the holder. The most important tip to consider is that the clay should not be positioned directly on top of the flame. This is because it can cause the clay to burn or darken very quickly as it heats up.

Meanwhile, placing polymer clay to the side of the flame will be fine so long as the clay is not close enough to cause odours. Although these odours are not carcinogenic, polymer clay will burn if baked or cured at a temperature that is too high. In fact when polymer clay is burning there will be a distinctive smell that defeats the purpose of scented candle!

It is also important that the polymer clay is placed far enough from the flame so that it does not scorch or darken. It is recommended to keep it no closer than ¾” from the side of the flame.

Is Safe Candle Holder Polymer Clay

For polymer clay under the candle, this is also fine so long as the whole candle does not burn down and leave a puddle of melted wax, a wick, and a flame. The melted wax is very hot and will not cool off quickly. This will subsequently cause the polymer clay to soften and lose its shape.

It is also worth noting that polymer clay is not flammable. However, polymer clay can burn if the temperature is too hot. It will scorch and darken but not necessarily explode into flames. Despite this, it is always best to craft your polymer clay candle holder so that it does not suffer any cosmetic imperfections and structural damage. 

The Different Styles Of Polymer Clay Candle Holders

More often than not, polymer clay candle holders are essentially glass votive candle holders that are covered in polymer clay of different styles and designs. Common materials of “base” candle holders are glass or metal.

When it comes to the polymer clay itself, polymer clay cane is a popular option for polymer clay candle holders. Polymer clay cane is basically a log of polymer clay that has a design running through the length of the log.

The polymer clay cane is often cut into several pieces that are arranged together to form a base. From here, the polymer clay cane is arranged around the side of the glass or metal candle holder and worked until it covers around the base. This is especially helpful for those who wish to have patterned polymer clay candle holders.

However, you are not limited to using polymer clay cane for your candle holder. For example, you can simply use coloured polymer clay to make your own shapes such as flowers or leaves embellished on the votive candle holder.

Is Safe Candle Holder Polymer Clay

You may even choose to add additional embellishments such as beads or wiring. However, the important takeaway is that it is recommended to use polymer clay as a means to embellish glass or metal candle holders in order to avoid the polymer clay from scorching or darkening due to the candle’s heat.


Making candle holders from polymer clay is safe provided that you follow important conditions. For example, the polymer clay should not be directly on top of the candle flame as it can scorch and darken quickly due to excessive heat. 

Polymer clay can be placed to the side or underneath the candle, but it must be far enough so that it does not burn as well. It is best to use an existing glass or metal candle holder and design it with polymer clay and additional embellishments such as bead and wiring at your discretion. 

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