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Poly-Fast Sanding Tools


Poly-Fast are back in store with finer grade sandpapers and additional heads available!  What is Poly-Fast you ask?  It’s a nifty little battery operated, lightweight tool, designed specifically for wet and dry sanding of polymer clay.  Although it can of course be used for sanding other materials like resin, porcelain, stone, concrete, wood, copper, brass etc. […]

Lucy Clay Tools Shape Cutters

We are delighted to offer the Lucy Clay Tools Shape Cutters just in time for Christmas!  Lucy Clay Tools have designed a range of shape cutters specifically with the polymer clay artist in mind. The Lucy Clay Tools shape cutters are versatile, come in stylish designs and will not disappoint.  You will be making gorgeous […]



The Tavoos ™ (or in English… the peacock) is quite a notable beauty as is its namesake TAVOOS™ (the art material)! Tavoos ™ gets its beauty from nano-layers that capture and manipulate light reflecting it back to the viewer in an array of dazzling colors, creating an artistic spectacle previously unknown to the art materials world! […]

Motors for Atlas Pasta Machines

Motors for Atlas Pasta Machines news

New into store – the long awaited Motors for Atlas Pasta Machines!  We have a limited number of these little beauties as they are apparently highly sought after. Make your studio time go further with faster and easier conditioning and rolling! Do you suffer from difficulties or painful hands, arms or shoulder?  This may be just what […]

How to Make Jewellery Charms from Polymer Clay

Creating charms and miniatures from polymer clay is very popular with the young, the old and everyone in the middle! A new book has just arrived and there are limited numbers to start with! “Well we had to see if you would like it before we ordered lots didn’t we?” How to Make Jewellery Charms from Polymer […]